Steezmonks’ edit for ”When a fire starts to burn”, track by the renowned duo Disclosure, nominated this year for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the Grammy Awards.

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The First Lady of TDE, SZA, isn’t one to ever offer average singing or songwriting, and with her latest single released in the wake of her upcoming TDE-debut, Z, she’s further solidified our belief in her undefinable talents. “Sweet November” is the aptly named title of the new track, which takes a dip sonically into a swank blues bar with the jazz ensemble and distorted guitars alive and well. SZA makes incredible use of the antique atmosphere with her gorgeously pervading tone, and it’s tough not to feel like you’re melting into the effort as you let it sink into your ears. The track is the second lifted from Z, which will be available for purchase on iTunes next week (April 8th)

I discovered Frankie Knuckles through his music, one that was, gentle, lush with a subdued, understated power that rocked many a dancefloor.
I had the privilege to hear him once in the heyday of his legendary residency at Sound Factory Bar in New York. I was submerged, sonically and emotionally by the beauty of the music I heard that night. I remember very clearly saying to myself that this would be impossible to ever equal.
That was 20 years ago, and I never got to hear this magic combination again.

I got to meet Frankie a few times, and he was always like his music, gentle, humble, yet naturally imposing

I’ve put together here some of my favorite music from him. So that his legacy can keep on inspiring other people.

Rest in peace, Frankie, may your music keep on moving people eternally

written by Jesse Boykins III
produced by Machinedrum

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Live in Me

Hook: I been searching for
and one day I will find you
and you will live in me
U been searching for
and one day you will find me
and you shall live in me

Verse 1:
I feel your undertones within my skin,
vibrations play (like roadmaps) where to begin,
this ghostly age of loneliness will fade,
if the quest be lit with desires flame,
rose pedals on the trail ,your scent crosses me in detail,
its evident the grace in you, flowing down stream the waves are due

pre hook:

Hook: I been searching for
and one day I will find you
and you will live in me
U been searching for
and one day you will find me
and you shall live in me

Pre Hook 2:
baby please don’t go no where
one day I’ll be there
no need to be scared
let loose of your fear
deep down yes I care
u can feel it in my stare
one day I’ll be there

I trust in the stars that shade us,
I lust in the sense of your touch, I long for the night’s remembrance,
your lips spoke the words of our love, you search for the light of affection,
you sing the songs of our connection,
I’ve found the Magic in your eyes, your hand so perfect in mine

Hook: I been searching for
and one day I will find you
and you will live in me
U been searching for
and one day you will find me
and you shall live in me

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We’ve teamed up with the Hamburg-based singer NewShoes to produce this weirdly beautiful track! We hope you like it :)

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Exposure Music

Mastering by Kilian (bohn@harvest-postproduction.com)
Artwork: Ellen Holthaus // Photo: David Manning


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She said: “I don’t want to suffer again
Life has already been hard with me,
And I don’t want to feel the same anymore.

Maybe it’s better not to be happy
Cause you know life has already been hard with me
The less you feel good the less you feel bad.

However I feel alive for the first time
I’ve never been so good
Life is nice to me
I wonder why I had to live
All this shit before.

I tried to escape, in every possible way,
From the life I lived
And now it’s all about fun.
I gave Life another chance
And I’ll take everything it gives to me
Cause I wanna feel alive.

And I’ll try to know
Where I should go (…)”

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Tomas Barfod - Love Me out June 9, 2014 on Secretly Canadian

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